Gao Gao Mix

Electronic Music Food
I spin the Black Circle since a long time and the "Gaogao mix" allows me to convey my vision of electronic music through vinyl only mix.
With classics, news, influences jazzy, dubby, dark, deep and I hope with some soul.
Jaded, tired by what we see and hear nowadays, I started there four years of that, The Vinyl Guerilla. To make it simple, it’s an ideology to protect and defend Vinyl Culture, through the Deejaying. And I confess, to annoy the sync-dj and you know what: it works very well !
Then there is my second Family Lunarmouth. They let me do some warm up, during their events Progressiv and Gao Psytrance. Even if they don't play vinyl, they are good guys... and especially, they support me and my vinyls...
Welcome to my Galactic Vinyl Church :
Le vendredi de 21h à 23h.